Mission & Values

Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Clover Living is to provide a caring and vibrant living community with services that support independence and wellness, as well to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

We strive to provide our residences with high-quality care and service to support their independence and well-being. Our main values, represented by the Clover in our logo, consist of the Three C’s: Community, Compassion and Care, where the presence of a vibrant and warm environment allows residents to thrive.

Community – We cultivate a community where residents feel, secure and happy. We love to see our residents engaging in and enjoying various events and programming prepared for them throughout the year!

Compassion – We want our residents feel safe and comfortable, but also feel honoured, respected, and be treated with empathy and consideration or their preferences and challenges.

Care – Our residents are our top priority. That is why we ensure they receive high-quality care while being mindful of each resident’s culture, language, as well as their specific needs and interests.