Active Living This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and with it comes many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors and staying active. Sunlight is a strong source of vitamin D, which is closely related to building and maintaining healthy bones, both of which are extremely important as older adults age. Vitamin D is also linked to other positive health benefits such as better mood, improved cognition and better cardiovascular health.

Being located just a short walk from the Bow River offers a variety of beautiful locations and to be outside, whether going for a refreshing walk or spending the afternoon in the garden reading a book. Clover Living regularly schedules events with community members in downtown, as well as planned excursions with neighbouring communities such as Ramsay and Inglewood.

Just a short walk to the south brings our residents to the Central Library, a great source of books, newspapers, and events such as educational workshops and social gatherings.

Whether you’re simply looking to enjoy some time in the sun, or you’d like to work on your physical and mental health, there are plenty of ways to get outside this summer! Just don’t forget the sunscreen!