Our location is SUPERB – While we are situated in the heart of Calgary’s downtown, we are set away from the busiest areas, located along the Bow River and very close to the tranquil Sien Lok Garden. Residents can easily access banks, restaurants, shops and services in the bustling downtown, but they may also use a quiet, nearby riverside pathway that leads directly to Prince’s Island Park.

We know how important it is to allow for freedom of choice. Because of our excellent location and extensive service capabilities, our lodge can cater to a variety of lifestyle preferences, including those who opt for a more quiet home life, to lovers of the great outdoors as well as to those who like to be more social.

Our location is close to several major city bus lines and the C-train, making it easy for residents to commute to anywhere in the city with great independence.

There are also a good number of community service organizations that are closely situated to the lodge, including the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association, Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen’s Association, and the Chinese Christian Mission of Canada Calgary Services Centre.