Active Living This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing, and with it comes many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors and staying active. Sunlight is a strong source of vitamin D, which is closely related to building and maintaining healthy bones, both of which are extremely important as older adults age. Vitamin D is also linked to other positive… Read more »

A Look Into Assisted Living at Clover Living

Unburden yourself from the responsibilities of home upkeep and start spending your time doing what you love. This is the idea behind our supportive living accommodations for residents who want to continue living as independently as possible, while maintaining access to services that meet their needs. Moving into a supportive living residency is also a… Read more »

Benefits of Independent Living at Clover Living

At Clover Living, we offer a variety of independent living amenities to relieve the burden of home upkeep and allow for more time spent engaging with the community and developing your own interests and hobbies. Our goal is to provide our residents with the level of support they need to enjoy life the way they… Read more »

A Guide to Downsizing For Seniors

There are many benefits to downsizing as a senior. Not only is there an amazing benefit to your mental health by reducing stress, but it can also help maintain a safer physical environment by reducing clutter and potential safety risks. Getting rid of your belongings can feel like an impossible task, but we believe it… Read more »

A Day in the Life at Clover Living

At Clover Living, we work hard to ensure that all your needs are met daily. From health and wellness, to activities and safety, let us walk you through a day in the life at Clover Living! Start off your day with a freshly cooked meal in our dining hall. Our registered dietitian carefully approves each… Read more »