Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to live in a Retirement Residence ?

Any home costs money; what sets Clover Living apart is the value. We are a sustainable living community. When you join Clover Living, you can say goodbye to your property taxes, utilities and your home maintenance costs. Instead, with your monthly sustainable lease payment, you can enjoy our community amenities and 4 meal periods in our dining hall, plus a variety of group programs and special services. At Clover Living, we help your hard-earned money go a lot farther. You can spend your money on something even more valuable – peace-of-mind. Say goodbye to worries about safety and security; life here is carefree and community focused, we truly are a family living in the heart of Chinatown.

Am I able to come and go as I please?

Here at the Clover Living, you can come and go as you please, and live the independent lifestyle you already enjoy. Venture out to explore Chinatown or downtown Calgary or enjoy a calming stroll along Calgary’s extensive pathway system. Why not bring your family and friends to visit as well? Whatever you choose, our location is ideal for a restful time in a caring community.

What are the sizes of the suites?

At Clover Living, we have two types of suites with two different views:

  • Bachelor suites are 360-412 sqft
  • One Bedroom Suites are 536-550 sqft

Both suites are available for Independent and Supportive Living and some offer stunning views of the Bow River.

Is there a gym at Clover Living?

We have an Exercise Room, where we hold scheduled exercise classes. We feature a number of pieces of exercise equipment, such as a recumbent bike and leg and arm stretching equipment.

Will I have to give up my independence?

Quite the opposite! Clover Living values your freedom of choice – from mealtimes to programs, entertainment to your personal wellness plan, you are firmly in control. We believe you should continue to experience life on your own terms.

What kind of lifestyle will I enjoy at Clover Living ?

For a lot of people, moving into a retirement residence can offer a rejuvenating effect, both physically and emotionally. Clover Living offers countless opportunities to connect with others and to simply enjoy the good life. Joy is a way of life here; community is how we bond with each other.

How will Clover Living keep residents safe during Covid-19?

Health and wellness are essential parts of a life well lived. At Clover Living, we are dedicated to offering our residents a lifestyle without compromise – one where you can thrive and be your most vibrant self in any situation. Every day, we are going above and beyond to ensure our future residents’ health and wellness needs are met and exceeded.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had many conversations with seniors and their families. To offer peace of mind and reassurance during a time filled with uncertainty, we have detailed transparent communication within our community.

Do you have a medication management program?

No, Clover Living does not have medication management program. Should a resident needed to have assistance with medication, Homecare will be able to assist through Alberta Health Care. Clover Living works with 101 Pharmacy to provide a convenient access to their medical supplies.

Does Clover Living have any medical support?


Are there any laundry facilities in the suites?

We have common washers and dryers, and they are conveniently located on the 4th and 11th floor. Both are coin operated.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own furniture with you as this is “your home”. We encourage you to design your suite to be as comfortable and familiar as possible, just like home.