Healthy Seniors Living, Inside & Out

The new year is officially in full swing, and with it comes new opportunities for improving your mental and physical health. At Clover Living, we believe that improving your overall health is the best way to maintain a happy and functional lifestyle. That’s why we strive to offer a rage of amenities to provide you with the resources to improve and develop your physical fitness. Our residents can sign up for regularly scheduled fitness classes for a more structured approach or take advantage of the various other fitness equipment that we provide for an independent experience in exactly the way that suits them best.

While physical health is important, let’s not ignore mental health! Improving physical fitness can help increase mobility and preserve independence in aging, but we believe a healthy and happy mind is just as important. From activities that are curated by our community living advisors, or the many excursions that are planned to locales such as museums, parks and markets, we look for opportunities to engage with our seniors as much as possible.

Clover Living’s community extends beyond our walls, as we actively encourage our seniors to participate in our partners events as well. Being situated close to the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association and the Chinese Cultural Centre, along with other organizations help our residents extend their sense of community.

Whether it’s physical health, mental well-being, or social inclusion, or all of the above, we love helping our residents reach their goals in 2024!