Chinese Dining

Western & Chinese Dining Options

The Food

Clover Living prepares nutritious and delicious Chinese meals on site that are approved by a registered dietitian and follow the Canadian Food Guide. Our highly skilled chefs have years of experience cooking healthy and tasty cuisine in reputable restaurants and senior lodges, and all are certified in food safety handling and WHMIS. Residents are given the weekly options to choose a great variety of Chinese meals.

Our dining hall prepares three meals and afternoon tea per day, plus snacks. We never use MSG and can accommodate a variety of food allergies and preferences. Our Executive Chef prepares Chinese soups daily, and offers congees, chicken noodle soup and lighter meals to those who are feeling sick. In-suite tray service is an option for those not well enough to dine in the main hall, and minced or finely chopped meal service is available as well.

Residents may choose full-meal dining or occasional meal dining. For occasional dining, residents, in addition to guests and staff, can purchase meal tickets at the front desk two hours in advance of mealtime.

Our Menus

We offer a 28-day Chinese Food Menu that is changed every season and approved by a registered dietitian. All dishes are deliciously prepared with little oil, low salt, low sugar, and are suitable for aged 50+ dietary needs. Residents are given wider meal options as they can make selections from a number of choices for every meal.

Milk, juice and tea are available with all meals, and a homemade daily soup is always prepared. Hot food is offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and our residents find the afternoon teatime relaxing and enjoyable. Many liken it to passing time in a Hong Kong café. Guests are welcome to join residents on a fee-per-meal basis and are only asked to notify the kitchen two hours in advance.

Festival Menus

Festive celebrations and holidays call for festive meals, and residents’ family members are almost always invited to join in on the fun. We serve traditional, celebratory meals for different West and East festivals, including Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Stampede.

The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall at Clover Living has a traditional and elegant Oriental interior design. With its high ceilings, glass panels, balcony, and view of the Sien Lok Garden and Bow River, the setting is spacious and comfortable with good lighting.