Choose your Suite

Choose Your Suite

Monthly Rates Independent Living
Supportive Living (Street View)
Bachelor 1-Bedroom Bachelor 1-Bedroom
(1 person)
Rent $1,250 $1,500 $2,365 $2,950 $3,700
Utilities  (inclusive)  (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
24/7 Emergency Bell
and Door Access
 (inclusive)  (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
Local Phone  (inclusive)  (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
Cable TV (incl. Chinese) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
3 Meals + Tea + Snacks
(inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
Room Housekeeping
(inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
Bedding Laundry
(inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
Resident Support & Activities (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive) (inclusive)
City View $1,250 $1,500 $2,365 $2,950 $3,700
River View (2nd – 7th floor) $1,550 $2,375 $3,000 $3,850
River View (8th – 16th floor) $2,385 $3,020 $3,900

  1. Weekly housekeeping and bedding laundry services can be added to Independent Living residents at the following rates.
    Bachelor: $250/month; One-bedroom: $320/month, please refer to Additional Service Menu.
  2. Daily Meals for Independent Living residents or guests can be pre-ordered: $8/breakfast; $15/lunch; $5/tea and $15/dinner. Monthly Meal Plan is $990/month.
  3. For furnished suites, the rate is $110/night (no meals), phone, cable TV and weekly housekeeping services are all included, please refer to Furnished Suite Rate 2022/23 for details.
  4. Cable TV at $50/month.